Las Vegas. A Video & Some Facts*

by Briana on July 12, 2014

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Operation Tally Ho rolled into Las Vegas in May this year.

This is our 4th stay here, and our longest yet! Seeing as we are “locals” for several weeks each year, I thought I’d throw out some little known facts* for the uninitiated.

Here ya go:

1. LV has THE MOST vanity plates in the world*. Plus you can get this design. Obviously, that’s what I would get if I needed a plate for a vehicle. I would then paint a horn on it, and order the personalized plate UNICRN. Obviously.

2. There are actually tons of outdoor activities here and really close to here. You can drive just a bit to hike around Zion or Mt Charleston. If you have a kiddo, there are a crazy tons of parks here with water features. Looking for a park filled with bighorn sheep? No problem! Just head over to Hemenway Park and enjoy the strange reality of swinging in the middle of grazing, wild bighorn sheep.

Since we were here so early this year we spent some time exploring the local disk golf courses. Matt would play the course and Siena and I would caddy for a bit, then we’d go find the playground. Which brings me to #3…

3. Spring is really beautiful here! I mean really GREAT!! The birds are happier*, the weather is perfect, the air is cleaner*, and the people are nicer*. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, do it in May.

4. There is an entire world off The Strip! There is an entire world away from downtown too. (These are also entire worlds in themselves.) But, if you want to get off the strip– do it!! There are the above mentioned parks, there are strip malls, grocery stores, restaurants, Dr. offices, etc. You know, because contrary to what people think when they visit and see only the one long row of beautiful hotels (this fact was interesting!), regular people live here.  Doing regular people jobs and living regular people lives.

You can find really great family friendly activities like indoor play areas, trampoline bouncy places, theaters, movies outside, etc. No kids? That’s fine too. You can hit up the many, many restaurants and bars that AREN’T going to cost you an arm and a leg to enter (not to mention the hours of your time waiting in line to get in or get a drink! I recently enjoyed this blog post about hating cool bars). You may also enjoy cruising the malls or outlet shops. Or golfing. Or getting a reflexology foot massage. I could go on and on.

 5. There are cockroaches everywhere!! Seriously. Everywhere.July 11 roachThe Mob never ran Vegas. The Roaches did–and still do. When we first “lived” here in 2010 I was SHOCKED to see so many roaches crawling all over The Strip. It really makes me think 1. What drastic steps are they taking to keep them out of the hotel rooms and restaurants? And 2. A person could make a fortune in Pest Control here.


So there you have it. Some interesting facts* about Las Vegas.

Now I’d like to invite you to enjoy 3 minutes and 44 seconds of me vlogging. Enjoy!


Soon-to-be-Mama-of 2-Breezy

Baby Ditto First Pic

*may not actually be a fact.  May solely be the opinion of yours truly. ;)

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