Through Thick and Thin

by Briana on May 7, 2014

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I moved to Texas for a boy.  Not the boy I’m married to, so don’t get all “awwwww” on me.

I actually never intended to live in TX.  I had broken up with said boy and moved to sunny San Diego to lick my emotional wounds (he had cheated–the bastard!).  The boy and I began talking again and like a love sick fool, I went to visit him in Texas.  I can’t remember if it took one or 2 visits, but eventually I just never returned to San Diego.  He proposed, we bought a house, got a dog and started to live out the “expected” life.  Truth be told, it was never really amazing.  I truly did love him, but there were many cracks in our foundation (figuratively, the house was very cute and the foundation was fine).  In the end, the love wasn’t enough and the cracks caused us to crumble. I drove away from Plano, TX with my Bompa, my dog, Henery, and everything I wanted to take from that part of my life.

I learned a lot, and gained a lot from those 2 years in the Dallas area.  One of the greatest things to come out of my time in TX is my amazing friend Kristin.  Like almost all of my very close friends, we were instant BFF’s.

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It was almost serendipitous how we met.  I had just officially become a Texan (ye-haw!) and I went to get my brakes changed.  Mr. Mechanic noted my CA plates and I explained how I had just moved.  “Do you need a job?” he asked.  I did indeed.  He sent me to see his wife who worked at a hotel nearby.  When I showed up and explained to Mrs. Wife that her husband, Mr. Mechanic, had sent me she looked me over with a look of total distrust & disgust.  She was in the middle of explaining to me that there were “absolutely no jobs” when the Food and Beverage Manager (Mr. PervyPants) walked by and said that he, in fact, had an opening.  I gladly accepted the job of being a Hostess for the breakfast shift in the Hotel restaurant.  Low and behold, I was to be working with my now close friend Kristin.  She was so great and I loved her instantly!  She is very real, down-to-earth, friendly, funny, was about to get married, had just bought a house and had the most adorable 3 year old that I had ever seen.

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Her Fiance would often bring the kiddo by at the end of our shifts and I was smitten with their whole family.  Kristin let me help her with some wedding details and we began to hang out with them regularly as our couple friends.

When I had decided that the relationship wasn’t going to work with the boy, Kristin helped me pack up my belongings and she hugged me goodbye in 2003.  It wasn’t too long untill I was headed to TX to visit her though.  She was expecting and I was going to stay with them when the baby was born to help out.  <3 My Goddaughter was born in July 2004 <3.  It was a very special and beautiful thing, as most births are.  I remember staying up late into the night so that Mama and Daddy could sleep and I would walk around their house holding their second sweet baby girl telling her stories and singing her songs. (I don’t have any photos from that trip -GASP! If I can get one from Kristin I’ll update this post!)  I was so smitten with that little girl –I still am!  I flew back again the following year to be officially crowned the Fairy Godmother, and to celebrate my Goddaughters first birthday.


We didn’t see too much of each other after that.  We would touch base every now and then, and like all great friendships, we could start right where we had left off the last time we spoke or saw each other.

In April of 2010, Kristin stood up with me when it was my turn to say “I do” (to the boy that I am currently married to! Awwww<3) and her girls led the way as some of our Flower Girl Parade.


Operation Tally Ho started in 2011 and we have made our way to see Kristin and her beautiful family each year.  Their oldest is now driving (WHAT!?!  How the heck did that happen!), and my sweet, lively and beautiful Goddaughter is a crazy active 4th grader (again, WHAT!?!  How does time fly so fast!).  

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 Life can change quickly.  It can shift and move you in directions you never could have guessed. Thank God that I have beautiful friendships to hold my hand as life shifts us around.   I feel so blessed to have Kristin as my friend through thick and thin.

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