Suck It DC

by Briana on October 28, 2014

in Journal

This video (tragically) just about sums up our entire time in DC:

Oh, and someone tried to steal our scooter… twice.  The first time was around 2AM.  The dogs and I woke up to a thud.  But Matt and Siena were still sleeping, so I didn’t know if it was a dream.  I woke Matt anyways.  I peeked out the back window. I think I scared him as much as he scared me when I opened our blinds and was face to face with a man opening a knife to cut the final tie down.  He ran off and Matt and I stayed awake for a good part of the remaining dark.  The next morning Matt replaced the cut tie down and put a lock on it.  Though we were confident that the would-be thief was long gone.  NOPE!  We came back from our (rainy, cry-y, cold, tantrum-y, sick, feeling huge and very sore, crappy tour-y) day of walking around to find the tie downs cut AGAIN and he lock about half way sawed through.  IN BROAD DAY LIGHT!! That dude really really wanted our scooter.  Suck it, scooter thief!

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Adios DC!  Let’s all get our shit together and try again in about 5-10 years.


PS. I was suffering from a terrible cold. I’m also 20ish lbs heavier than usual. Also, it was raining. It’s not ALL DC’s fault.

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