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Siena’s Spectacular Second Birthday Celebration

by Briana on December 1, 2014

in Journal

It’s October 25th, 2014.  The sun has come up, but it’s still dark in the RV.  Matt is snoring peacefully and we are all snuggled in bed like a pile of puppies.  Suddenly I “see” a bright burst of light while simultaneously experiencing a flash of pain in my eye.  Totally unaware that she had just punched me in the eye, Siena mumbles a few words in her sleep as she rolls over.  I wonder for the millionth time what she is dreaming about.  I hope today fulfills all of her little dreams.  She stirs a bit more and enters conciseness.  Just like every morning, she climbs on top of me, gives me a squeeze, rubs my arm and face and gives me a gentle kisses “wake up, mom”.  I open my eyes and see her little face only an inch from mine…

Happy Birthday, my Little Love!

Tutu is here visiting and after Siena and I fell asleep the night before, Daddy and Tutu decorated the RV with balloons, streamers, and banners.  It looks magical.  When Siena opens the divider between our bed and the living space her eyes open wide and her face lights up.  Matt and I start singing Happy Birthday and Tutu opens the divider between the guest room (now named the Peacock Palace), and joins in singing.  As soon as the song ends, we are all hugging and loving on her.  A pre-breakfast is being prepared and she kicks all the balloons around.  We adorn her with a crown as she sits down for pre-breakfast.  The day ahead is full of all the things that she loves with a generous sprinkling of gifts for her to tear open and enjoy.

It really is a spectacular day to celebrate our very special Little Monkey!


Proud and veryhappy Mama,

Breezy <3

PS. If you want to see an obnoxious amt of bday pics, feel free to “friend me” on Facebook.  I upload a ton of pics every month.  :)

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