Picture Fixer

by Briana on October 16, 2014

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Quick apology and note: If you happen to be looking at our blog post on a phone, the pictures probably came up all jabawonken. (Yes, I made that word up.  Yes, I use it regularly.  Yes, Siena thinks it’s an actual word. I have several words like this.) I started using WordPress to upload and […]


Vegas 2014 & Baby News

by Briana on October 15, 2014

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Hello! As you seasoned readers may know, we spend every Summer in Vegas for The World Series of Poker. 2014 was not much different from years past. It was still hotter than hell (actually May was delightful). It was still a busy work time for Matt. Siena and I took a couple weeks vaca back in […]


Rapid Fire

by Briana on October 14, 2014

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Hello!! As recently posted by Daddy Matt, we are, uh-um, a wee bit behind on our blogging. So, what I’ve decided to do is this: I’m going to write about our last few months. Just the highlights (or in DC’s case, the lowlights). I’ll throw in some pics and maybe a video or 2 for […]


We Are Alive

by Matt on October 8, 2014

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Turns out this having a kid thing sorta takes a lot of time, focus, and attention away from other stuff (see blog posting). But rest assured of a few things. 1. We are alive and well 2. We are still having a blast living and traveling full-time in Dolly the RV 3. We are having […]


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Operation Tally Ho rolled into Las Vegas in May this year. This is our 4th stay here, and our longest yet! Seeing as we are “locals” for several weeks each year, I thought I’d throw out some little known facts* for the uninitiated. Here ya go: 1. LV has THE MOST vanity plates in the […]


Post image for Siena’s First Blog Post (and a selfie)

Hello!  Welcome to Siena’s first ever blog post!!  How exciting, right?   So this first part is where she actually typed out what she wanted to say (I assume).  Below that is where I typed as she dictated.  She finished this post by explaining what she really meant by all of this. We all hope […]


Through Thick and Thin

by Briana on May 7, 2014

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I moved to Texas for a boy.  Not the boy I’m married to, so don’t get all “awwwww” on me. I actually never intended to live in TX.  I had broken up with said boy and moved to sunny San Diego to lick my emotional wounds (he had cheated–the bastard!).  The boy and I began […]


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Well, we have concluded our time in the Austin, TX area.  We spent our time in a very special place where dinosaurs, mermaids, cheetahs and unicorns exist and co-exist: The Magical Land of Yiyi and Yoyo.   It wouldn’t be a trip to TX without thunderstorm and hail. Check! PS. If you think Matt sounds […]


The Bluebonnets seemed to have bloomed early for my birthday. I had such an unbelievably beautiful day with my beautiful family. How can one (young and youthful looking) woman be so lucky?!? ;) That’s a question for the ages, but in the mean time I’ll just keep being the beneficiary of this lucky, fun, fantastic […]


Seeing Great Nana

by Briana on March 13, 2014

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Tally Ho begins in basically the same way each year. We leave San Diego, pop in the CD that our good friend Blythe made us (a new one each year) and set our wheels toward AZ. The first official stop of Operation Tally Ho 2014 was Tubac, AZ. My Nana lives there and we go […]