You’re Doing What!?!

by lindsey July 9, 2011 Guest
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My Operation Tally Ho Vegas Adventure I joined Operation Tally Ho with a mixture of excitement and a bit of nervousness.  Being a loyal online follower of Bratt’s Big Adventure I was super excited to join their life on the road, and I was thrilled to spend 11 days with BFF Bree.  On the other […]

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Review: The Presidential Suite

by Greg June 28, 2011 Guest
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Upon arrival I was greeted by the proprietors, a couple in their mid to late thirties and their two dogs. The wife was amiable and friendly, as were the canines, while the husband seemed withdrawn and somewhat surly. He remained mostly silent while the wife went about showing me the accommodations and supplying me with […]

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24 Hours

by Elaini February 9, 2011 Guest
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Dear Blog Readers, My name is Elaini Kollias.  I met Matt about 15 years ago and met Bree 7 years ago at the below mentioned Green Valley Ranch.  I am Matt’s infamous “Las Vegas Friend” and I have lived here for 7 years.  Since I’m currently retired from Volleyball, I have been entertaining and entertained by Bree […]

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