March 2014

Oozing Joy & Gratitude Like the Chocolaty Center of a Lava Cake with 36 Candles

by Briana March 15, 2014 Journal

The Bluebonnets seemed to have bloomed early for my birthday. I had such an unbelievably beautiful day with my beautiful family. How can one (young and youthful looking) woman be so lucky?!? ;) That’s a question for the ages, but in the mean time I’ll just keep being the beneficiary of this lucky, fun, fantastic […]

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Seeing Great Nana

by Briana March 13, 2014 Journal

Tally Ho begins in basically the same way each year. We leave San Diego, pop in the CD that our good friend Blythe made us (a new one each year) and set our wheels toward AZ. The first official stop of Operation Tally Ho 2014 was Tubac, AZ. My Nana lives there and we go […]

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by Briana March 7, 2014 Journal

Hello Bleaders (Blog Readers)! This vlog (video blog) is not only for your enjoyment, but also to test the ease (testease?) of vlogging. Enjoy! XO

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