February 2013

California Lovin’/California Leavin’

by Briana February 28, 2013 Journal
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So where were we… When we last wrote about our traveling adventures we were cruising down the CA coast. Did anyone else know that San Fran is actually COLD in the summertime? As a preggo chick I wasn’t complaining thought. I am typically one of those people who’s always cold… and complaining about being so. […]

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Siena Banana Monkey Face

by Briana February 15, 2013 Journal
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On October 25, 2012, we welcomed our sweet Banana Monkey Face into the world. ¬†Because most of us are Facebook friends, or if you were on my weekly email list then this birth story may be old news. ¬†For those of you who haven’t heard, Here is her birth story. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and […]

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I Resolve!

by Briana February 14, 2013 Journal
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Hi Y’all!! And a very sweet Happy Valentines Day to you!     Since we have not posted in like 1 million years, and since I know we have a new reader (Hi Cara!), I thought it was time to get back in the “in front of the computer saddle” and update all 5 of […]

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