October 2011

OhFISHal ReSPAWNsabilities

by Briana October 14, 2011 Journal
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The parade started at 10, so by 9:40 we were exiting our home that was perfectly parked about a block away from downtown Issaquah, and the ohFISHal center of Issaquah’s Salmon Days Festival! In a moment of brilliance, Matt suggested we head downtown the night before and snag a close parking spot.  We stayed the […]

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Seattle or Bust

by Matt October 12, 2011 Journal
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Back in the good ol’ USofA after leaving Vancouver, the Grahams, and the HOA patrol in our wake, we made tracks for my Mom’s place just outside of Seattle, Sammamish to be exact. This is where we posted up for the better part of September and got in some nice time just visiting and getting […]

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We’re Behind

by Briana October 10, 2011 Journal
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Hello and Greetings from Oregon. We are in “catch up” mode with our blog since we spent 3 weeks in WA visiting Matt’s Mommy.  And for some reason, we didn’t blog while we were there!  So to make up for lost time you will see a few post about our time there pretty quickly as […]

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by Briana October 7, 2011 Journal

I know I say it every  month, BUT THIS WAS A BEAUTIFUL & GREAT MONTH! We saw Matt’s Uncle Doug, his BFF from College and spent a few weeks with his Mama Donna.  We met Matt’s Great Aunt Marcy’s family, and got to watch a Sounder’s Soccer game with Kevin, a really nice guy that […]

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