September 2011

Blame Canada

by Briana September 23, 2011 Journal
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Yeah!  Blame Canada for…er…well.  We could blame them for…um…Nope, I cant’ think of a single negative thing to blame those crazy Canuks to the Canorth for.  Our trip to our northern neighbor was quite lovely indeed. Sure the border crossing was a mind numbing 105 min wait, when the online report and the electronic signs […]

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by Briana September 19, 2011 Journal
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Hello Uncle Doug! Matt has a large family with something like 10-15 Aunts and Uncles and countless cousins that he has not met or seen in decades.  One such Uncle is his Uncle Doug.  Doug lives in Post Falls, ID which is just outside of Coeur d’Alene.  After leaving Montana, and on our way to […]

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by Briana September 9, 2011 Journal
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Our story begins in 1906 with a goal.  The goal was to get the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad out toward the Pacific.  The project cost an astounding $260 million dollars and thousands of workers, but…wait for it… THE GOAL WAS ACCOMPLISHED.  The railroad was opened in 1911 and served for steam and then […]

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Grizzly Bear Breakfast

by Matt September 6, 2011 Journal
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The day started off normal enough. It was to be our last morning in Montana, Kalispell to be exact, and then it was off to Idaho to hit the Hiawatha Trail and Post Falls thereafter to visit an uncle I hadn’t seen in 28 years.The only thing on our “agenda” for the day, other than […]

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by Briana September 2, 2011 Journal

We had the most amazing August this year. We traveled through 4 states (CO, WY, MT, & ID). We saw friends and created memories that will be with us forever. Here’s a look at the month through the lens of our camera. Enjoy! Tally Ho, Bratt.

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Out In The Sticks

by Briana September 1, 2011 Journal
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Welcome to the Pierces. I jotted this blog down with the only writing utensil I could find –a quill.   Naturally they don’t have internet way out here in the boonies, in fact the only service they need from “city folks” (as they say here) is some gas-o-leen for the tractor.   Once the sun […]

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