July 2011

Rocky Mountain High

by Matt July 21, 2011 Journal

NOTE: Sorry there are no pics and videos. They have currently all been lost on the great hard drive crash of 2011 :( With the bright lights and glitz of Vegas memories now faded and the canyons of Utah in our rearview mirror we finally rolled into Bree’s homeland – Colorado. *Travel Note: journeying East […]

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by Briana July 20, 2011 Journal
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My hard drive crashed with ALL OF MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS ON IT!! Here’s the scene: Me, sitting on our bed.  I just heard the horrible news that I needed professional help to get my pictures back.  My hard drive clutched in one hand and pressed tightly to my chest.  The other hand balled in […]

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Vegas Bites

by Briana July 15, 2011 Journal
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Just before sleep the other night, I laid my head on my husbands chest and listened to his heartbeat. I stared up at the wide open sky at all of the stars that were visible from our boondocking spot outside of Bryce Canyon in Utah. It occurred to me that for over a month I have not […]

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Dogs for sale

by Briana July 13, 2011 Journal
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The drive through Utah SHOULD have been GREAT! Around every turn was another breathtaking panorama.  Utah laid everything she had out for us.  The road less traveled, AKA Scenic Byway 12  may be the most gorgous and amazingly beautiful, picturesque  2 lane road ever created by the hand of man.  It really should have been GREAT. […]

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by Briana July 12, 2011 Journal
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I’ve never spent much any time in Utah. When you grow up in Colorado, why would you leave other than to put your toes in the ocean? But, as we started climbing in elevation and the higher we got the more at peace I felt. I loved watching the scenery change from desert to mountains […]

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You’re Doing What!?!

by lindsey July 9, 2011 Guest
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My Operation Tally Ho Vegas Adventure I joined Operation Tally Ho with a mixture of excitement and a bit of nervousness.  Being a loyal online follower of Bratt’s Big Adventure I was super excited to join their life on the road, and I was thrilled to spend 11 days with BFF Bree.  On the other […]

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by Briana July 3, 2011 Journal

Ah, Las Vegas! With all her glitz and glory. We spent the entire month of June in Las Vegas. The temperatures could be hot, the poker rooms could be cold, it was fun and it was exhausting! But we made it out alive! We uncurled Las Vegas’ gnarled hand and drove Dolly through her fingers […]

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