June 2011

Review: The Presidential Suite

by Greg June 28, 2011 Guest
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Upon arrival I was greeted by the proprietors, a couple in their mid to late thirties and their two dogs. The wife was amiable and friendly, as were the canines, while the husband seemed withdrawn and somewhat surly. He remained mostly silent while the wife went about showing me the accommodations and supplying me with […]

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Everyday I’m Shuffling

by Briana June 19, 2011 Journal
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This may be my last Vegas trip.  It is so f’ing HOT here! While walking back from the pool, attempting not to melt directly into the scorching black asphalt, I turned to Lindsey and proposed the following question: “I wonder if I am who I am because I have always been in a hospitable environment?”  Not […]

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What Goes Where

by Briana June 9, 2011 Journal
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You know how you can usually walk into anyones kitchen and just know where the cups are or where the garbage is? Well, its just not that way in an RV. We recently met up with some fellow Full-Timers and bloggers and I was (obnoxiously?) eager to see where and how they kept all of […]

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Feelin’ GrooveMAY

by Briana June 6, 2011 Journal

Wouldn’t you agree, baby you and me, we’ve had a groovy kind of May?

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Kicks on Route 66

by Matt June 4, 2011 Journal
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Good morning campers! I’m broadcasting to you today from the oh so plush, and by plush I mean craptastic, confines errrr expanses of the Circus Circus KOA here in lovely Las Vegas, NV.Yes, that’s right, we are back in Sin City for the month of June for the annual World Series of Poker. I normally […]

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