April 2011

Happy Anniversary

by Briana April 22, 2011 Journal
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Happy first anniversary to my love, my leveler, my sweetheart, my husband… my Huno. (click on post to view video) xo Bree.

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Adios Austin

by Briana April 21, 2011 Journal
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So sorry for the weeks of silence! We’re BACK! And so is Dolly!! So, we spent the last 2 weeks north of Austin in Cedar Park creating a new family: 4 Blewetts, 2 Schultzes and a Privette.  Our friend Evan and Tabby opened their home to us for just over 2 weeks while Dolly was […]

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Marvelous March!

by Briana April 4, 2011 Journal

Hi, It’s that time again!! I’m sure you have been waiting with bated breath. You’ve been patient for an entire month. And finally, the time has come. That’s right, it’s… MARCH’S PHOTO MONTAGE VIDEO!!!! Enjoy! (You can see the pics in the video better if you expand to full-screen) We’ll see you again next month! xoxo Briana.

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Austin Ink

by Matt April 1, 2011 Journal
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So yesterday marked the completion of the 5 month mark of Operation Tally Ho and Bree and I really wanted to do something to celebrate/commemorate the occasion. After having a celebratory margarita (or 2) at lunch yesterday we decided what better way to mark this glorious moment in time than to give ourselves a memory […]

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