February 2011

Alabama, Arkansas…

by Briana February 28, 2011 Journal
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Oh the places we’ll see… Many folks ask us “Where will you go next?”  to which we reply “We have no plans.”  What we did when we started brainstorming this adventure was to create a Google Map and we each put in places we would like to “live” or “just visit”.  We also put in […]

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Leaving Las Vegas

by Briana February 22, 2011 Journal
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Thank you Cheryl Crow for my new ringtone! Now that we are on to our next adventure I wanted to share with you my top 10 Las Vegas Moments: 10. The Venetian Poker Room.  Specifically Terri.  But the entire team of folks running that joint are AMAZING.  I lounged in “my office/tv and moving watching […]

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Flower Power!

by Briana February 21, 2011 Journal
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On February 3, 2011 I woke up at 6:45 to get ready for work.  I had my first OTH job. A couple weekends ago I was at brunch with a group of ladies I was meeting for the first time.  They were a wonderfully sweet and a great group of women.  During the conversation it […]

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Boondocking in Las Vegas

by Matt February 20, 2011 Journal
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It’s a wrap. We just finished our first major stop of Operation Tally Ho (Las Vegas) after having stayed for a month we’ve finally headed out and moved on down the road (I’m writing this post from a Starbucks in Phoenix – taking a break from our drive from Lake Havasu to Tucson). I just […]

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Be Mine

by Briana February 14, 2011 Journal
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Warning: This is a mushy-gushy LOVE post. This lovey-dovey post may annoy you.  This cuddly-wuddly, mushy gushy, lovey-dovey post has one purpose: to record our first Valentines day as Hubby and Wifey. I love love love Valentines Day!  For the last few years Matt and I have celebrated V-day about a week early.  We do […]

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Today I…

by Briana February 11, 2011 Journal
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Today I woke up in an RV park. It was our first time staying in a park. Our goal is to boondock everywhere, so as a rule we will try to avoid RV Parks in general. This was an exception because 1. I needed to do laundry 2. I wanted to experience an RV Park […]

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24 Hours

by Elaini February 9, 2011 Guest
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Dear Blog Readers, My name is Elaini Kollias.  I met Matt about 15 years ago and met Bree 7 years ago at the below mentioned Green Valley Ranch.  I am Matt’s infamous “Las Vegas Friend” and I have lived here for 7 years.  Since I’m currently retired from Volleyball, I have been entertaining and entertained by Bree […]

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