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Well, we have concluded our time in the Austin, TX area.  We spent our time in a very special place where dinosaurs, mermaids, cheetahs and unicorns exist and co-exist: The Magical Land of Yiyi and Yoyo.   It wouldn’t be a trip to TX without thunderstorm and hail. Check! PS. If you think Matt sounds […]


The Bluebonnets seemed to have bloomed early for my birthday. I had such an unbelievably beautiful day with my beautiful family. How can one (young and youthful looking) woman be so lucky?!? ;) That’s a question for the ages, but in the mean time I’ll just keep being the beneficiary of this lucky, fun, fantastic […]


Seeing Great Nana

by Briana on March 13, 2014

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Tally Ho begins in basically the same way each year. We leave San Diego, pop in the CD that our good friend Blythe made us (a new one each year) and set our wheels toward AZ. The first official stop of Operation Tally Ho 2014 was Tubac, AZ. My Nana lives there and we go […]



by Briana on March 7, 2014

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Hello Bleaders (Blog Readers)! This vlog (video blog) is not only for your enjoyment, but also to test the ease (testease?) of vlogging. Enjoy! XO


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Since we were in Colorado for over a month, I thought the best way to capture so many of our adventures would be to Animoto it!  I haven’t Animoto’d in a while, so here you go. May I present: Colorado 2013.  Enjoy!  



by Briana on August 18, 2013

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I miss you. I miss you and think about you often. At first I didn’t. At first you hardly crossed my mind as we crossed the state lines. Plus, I found ways to replace you. I have 9 months of adorable love lay snuggled up sleeping beside me.  This may have something to do with […]


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Living, learning and remembering with our Allen, TX family We often note how surreal it is that we cruise into peoples lives, click in and then click out when it’s time to Tally Ho.  Sometimes not very much has changed for those that we visit, sometimes lives have changed drastically, and some things just NEVER […]


Keepin’ It Weird

by Briana on April 7, 2013

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Austin Paustin Puddin and… Hey Cupcake! So what if the above doesn’t rhyme! If you’ve ever been to Hey Cupcake then you understand. Yes, I think I may be their biggest cheerleader! –In spirit, not size…though if we lived closer for longer I may hold both of those titles! We’ve got icing, yes we do!! […]


Looking Back

by Briana on March 28, 2013

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Operation Tally Ho began as a small discussion in early 2010.   Matt and I were planning our wedding and living our “normal” lives when he stumbled upon a blog of a young guy who lived in his RV.  He asked me one day if I thought that we should do that.  ”Sure!” I said […]


Only Got 100 Years to Live

by Briana on March 25, 2013

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Siena Nicole. Born in San Diego, CA. Spent her first few months in San Diego, and recently entered her fourth new state (TX) as a four month old. Before entering TX though, we spent a few wonderful days with my Nana, her Great Nana, in Tubac, AZ.  Our time in AZ was nice and peaceful. […]